Custom Electronic Projects

Custom Electronics Work

  • Custom-built 9V power supply for your effect pedal.

DIY Assembly Service
We have experience in building some famous DIY product like Sound Sculptor Kits, Dada Electronics Kits and even microphones.

Custom-made Pedal Power Distribution System
(AC220 Input DC9/24V Output)This is a unit to provide a clean and stable 9V / 24V DC for your guitar pedal-type effect and also, it cuts down your cost in purchasing numerous 9V batteries.

True-bypass Modding Work of Pedal / Adding LED to Your Belove
d Pedal
The pedals in the market are NOT manufactured to be true-bypass in order to cut cost. Even when the stomp is switched off, without true-bypass modding, they still connect to the active circuit that can corrupt your original tone. The modding is not only keeping your sound intact, but also bring your sounding to another level.

Guitar Electronics Work Inspired by Gibson Jimmy Page Signatur
e Model
You think the sounding of a electric guitar / bass depends on its wood quality, strings and pickups. A big miss! Don’t forget the guitar electronics (i.e. the wiring method of pickups). Our engineer has ten years of experience in designing and installing the guitar electronics. We are sure that we can have the *BEST* electronics work for your belowed axe.