Guitar Electronics Design

You think the sounding of a electric guitar / bass depends on its wood quality, strings and pickups. A big miss! Don’t forget the guitar electronics (i.e. the wiring method of pickups). Our engineer has ten years of experience in designing and installing the guitar electronics. We are sure that we can have the *BEST* electronics work for your belowed axe.

Whatever type your pickups are, we can design the new scheme for you so that you can have the most possible choices of sounds from your guitar.


Some past work:

In the world of guitar electronics, we cannot omit the most complicated wiring scheme from Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Sigature Model.  The guitar comes with two humbuckers, but having 21 types of sounds by using 4 push-pull pots! And we are capable applying the scheme to your guitar.

提到電結他的線路不可不提是Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page Sigature Model電結他的電路設計,是由兩個Humbuckers組成,核心的電路應用了4個push-pull pots,使它有多達21種聲音!以下,我們會展示我們將一個結他改成Jimmy Page Model的結果。


Adding a ‘switch-off’ taggle to modify Telecaster Standard into Tele Plus

Adding a push-off button