Pedal Power Distribution System

Custom-made Pedal Power Distribution System

This is a unit to provide a clean and stable 9V / 24V DC for your guitar pedal-type effect and also, it cuts down your cost in purchasingpower-3_large-2 numerous 9V batteries.

Input: AC220  Output: DC9/24V

Notes for DIYer:

  1. The transformer can be bought at Wa Fai in Sham Shui Po. The power rating of transformer can be calculated from the total currect drawn of the effectors. For example, if you have 10 effectors consuming 0.2A each, you need at least 2A from the transformer. The power rating is 12X2 watt.
  2. The rectifier and stabilizer circuit can be bought from Wo Hing in Mongkok.
  3. The polarity of output can be adjusted in the distribution circuit.
  4. You must pay extra safety precaution, for example, grounding, since the device makes use of 220VAC.power-5
  5. The durable rack case is from Harbour Electronics.




輸入:AC220  輸出:DC9/24V


  1. power-4火牛可以從深水埗華暉購得,火數則是乎使用量而定,通常每一個Effect 最多耗用0.2A來預計,假計有10個Effect,便用上2A的電流,火牛的火數則必須大於2x12watt。
  2. 整流及穩壓電路可於旺角和興購得。
  3. 9V的正負極可於分派線路上調整。
  4. 由於使用220V濕電,故必須考慮安全問題,例如:必須要妥善的接地等等。
  5. 機身可使用海港的3U Rack case。