• Miking the Fender TwinReverb with SM57 and Royer 121.

Vocal Tracking
Vocal tracking is to be recorded through our AKG C414 B-ULS, pristine Focusrite ISA 428 / Neve 1073LB pre-amp and converted into digital signal through UAD Apollo 16, finally into the Protools System. In the above process, the signal is to be kept as clean as possible. Further processing such as autotune (tweak your voice to be in tune), EQing, compressing and de-ess can bring your voice to another level!

Choir Tracking
Our studio is enough to accomodate a choir of 15 members. It is an enjoyable moment to have the best performance with the students.

Drumset Tracking
It is unbelievable that a project-scaled studio can deliver such high quality in drum recording! The magic lies in the microphones selection and the studio ambience (The wall was contructed to minimise all reflection). Here comes the microphone selection:

Overhead: AKG C414 B-ULSx 2
Kick: Shure beta 52
Hi-hat: Shure SM81
Snare top and bottom: Shure SM57 x 2
Toms: Sennheiser MD421 x 3
Ride: Audio Technica 3031

Other Instruments Tracking
The studio is also suitable for tracking other instruments including acoustic guitar, er-hu, violin, cello, percussion…whatever you can think of.