As a project-scaled studio, the extremely low background noise (<30dB) and availability of full range of microphones make close / far miking possible. Therefore, the studio is highly suitable for quality recording of vocal, drums and various types of recording.  Thanks to the Protools 24-bit 96kHz digital recording system, the signal chain can be kept intact throughout recording, editing and mixing processes. Also, being the industry stardard, the Protools system can export highly portable format for further processing.

我們的錄音室背景雜音非常低 (<30dB),符合專業錄音室的要求,這不僅能提高錄音質素,而且可以容許麥克風放置在一個更遠的距離,以錄取更自然的聲音。我們擁有不同類型的麥克風,適合各種的音源及用途,不論是人聲、爵士鼓、各類型樂器以至小組合唱團,我們有信心錄製高清的音色。有關錄音的控制系統,本錄音室是採用24-bit,Protools錄音混音軟件,將錄音的神髓盡然保留。