Lit by natural daylight, it’s a house of warmth.  The studio has an area of 700 square feet, providing creative environment for music recording and mixing for groups or soloist.

Plenty choices of microphones and preamps are provided for your artistic freedom and premium sound quality. Mixing is made easier by using our HUI-compliant Yamaha 01V96 mixer which connects to the ProTools system.  With our collection of UAD2 plugins runs on Apollo 16, it opens up wider possibility of different sounding and freedom in mixing.  Thousands of samples / sound effects are connected to the cataloging system for lightning-speed searching.

麻雀雖小,卻五臟俱存。我們的錄音室面積達七佰尺,諾大露台, 帶來了和煦的陽光,亦為創作帶來靈感。

除了優良的錄音環境外,我們錄音室擁有數碼混音台、不同種類的麥克風,Protools數碼錄音系統以及過萬種音效 (Sound Effects),供顧客使用。