True-bypass Mod

True-bypass Modding Work of Pedal / Adding LED to Your Beloved Pedal

The pedals in the market are NOT manufactured to be true-bypass in order to cut cost. Even when the stomp is switched off, without true-bypass modding, they still connect to the active circuit that can corrupt your original tone. The modding is not only keeping your sound intact, but also bring your sounding to another level.

Due to the cost consideration, some pedals do not bear any LED for power / operation status, adding LEDs can bring great convenience especially when you are on stage.


effectpedal-1同樣地,由於成本問題,市面上有些效果器是沒有運作顯示燈,或者顯示燈太暗,我們可以為你的效果器加裝超光顯示燈 (LED)。

These two shining LEDs (Green for power and red for operation) can surely let you know the power and working status of your beloved even on a completely dark stage!

Many pedals including EH’s are not shipped in true-bypass. A 3PDT stomp switch must be used instead of the original one.


Also, an extra circuit is added inside the pedal for adjusting the light intensity of the LEDs.